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LK STUDIO products in the new edition of the Dachny Answer program


A radical redesign of the attic breathed new colors and bold design solutions into the project. Under the slopes of the new attic, a spacious, unusual lighting project, a two-story cinema and many modern devices appeared, for which modern functional mechanisms of the LK80 series were ideally suited. An unusual feature of the project - the traditionally rough materials became the main ones in the final finishing, giving the interior an amazing mix of brutality and charm of eco-friendly materials. The strict forms of mechanisms in black velvet, framed by frames made of natural dark glass, have become a stylish accent of the entire interior.

Products participating in the project:

Switch and socket mechanisms Reliable and functional mechanisms are designed for a current of 16A.

The bodies of the mechanisms are made of heat-resistant self-extinguishing electrical engineering plastic (UL94 V-0), which provides strength and reliable protection.

The front panels of the mechanisms are made of high quality UV-resistant ABS plastic, which guarantees color stability.

Service life: at least 40,000 cycles (on-off).

Code 843108, Code 841108, Code 840108. Code 865100


Frame construction up to 5 posts.

Versatile mounting - vertical and horizontal installation.

Material: natural dark glass.



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