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LK60 series in the program "Dachny otvet" IMPACT GUNSARD "Udarnaya mansarda"

The choice of electrical appliances for this project was obvious - these are stylish and reliable LK60 appliances that fit perfectly into the art atmosphere of the project. White appliances have become an ideal solution, harmoniously combined with various textures of the walls and the interior. The combination of smooth lines of instruments and strict lines of front panels added drive to the atmosphere of the project. Switches and power outlets in elegant white brought the necessary harmony to the project and ensured the functionality of the entire electrical section of the project. It should be replaced that the chosen solution is just a small touch in the range of possibilities that guarantee the freedom of choice of color, material and functions of the LK60 series movements.

The LK60 series includes various types of switches and switches, power and information sockets, television, satellite and audio sockets, dimmers, floor heating controllers. The front surfaces of the devices are made of light-resistant ABS plastic or polycarbonate.

The LK60 series at a comfortable price affordable for the mass buyer is rightfully a functional solution of the highest class for any type of interior. The quality of the LK60 series has been tested by time, and many buyers interested in design and modern developments in the field of solutions for electricity management have already convinced of this.

The complete set of mechanisms and electrical characteristics of the LK60 series can be found on the thematic page of the site.


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