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Professionals recommend LK60 switches

Switches are perhaps one of the main wiring products that we use every day. Therefore, they are subject to increased requirements for safety, reliability and, of course, design. The LK60 series presents the mechanisms of switches and switches: one-key, two-key, with and without indicator light, three-key. Special solutions: pushbutton switches, shutter switches, hotel card switches. In fact, the LK60 series is the only domestic line of wiring products that has such a wide functionality, similar to foreign manufacturers of luxury series. LK60 switches are robust functional mechanisms that are suitable for all types of lamps, including fluorescent ones.

Electrical parameters

Maximum voltage: 250V / 50Hz. Rated current: 16 A.

Increased electrical safety and fire safety of mechanisms

  • The contact group is made of phosphor bronze, the material has excellent electrical conductivity, does not cause heating of the mechanism. The anti-corrosive properties of the alloy allow avoiding the effect of "sticking" of contacts. The high quality of the contact pads ensures a long service life of the switches. Service life: at least 40,000 cycles (on-off).
  • Mechanism body - provides high strength and security. Made and heat-resistant flame retardant plastic.
  • The ergonomic design of the mechanisms ensures simple and convenient installation. Universal screws allow mounting and connection of the mechanism with one screwdriver. The screw terminals of the switches are located in a row on one side. The special shape of the contact sleeve and the increased thickness of the contact nut allow the conductors to be securely fixed. Cross-section of the connected wires: 1.5-2.5 mm². The enlarged separators of the contact terminals eliminate the possibility of a short circuit.
  • For convenience, the body of the mechanisms is marked: electrical parameters, installation diagram. The contact terminals are marked, the terminal for connecting the phase conductor is highlighted, which makes it possible to eliminate connection errors.
    High-quality LED backlighting - the leakage current is eliminated in the LED power supply circuit, which allows avoiding the flickering effect when LED or fluorescent lamps are operating.

Installation, fast and reliable

  • Reinforced steel support 1 mm thick with reinforcing ribs does not deform during installation. High quality zinc coating provides corrosion protection.
  • The caliper has additional grooves for fine adjustment of the mechanism in the socket, this option simplifies the process of installing multi-post structures.
  • Universal installation - the mechanisms are installed in any type of junction boxes, and additional mounting holes allow you to mount the mechanisms directly to the wall. The mounting lugs are fixed to the body of the mechanism and do not interfere with the installation

The complete set of mechanisms and electrical characteristics of the LK60 series can be found on the thematic page of the site.



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