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Hotel card switch LK60

The mechanisms of LK60 wiring accessories are well known to connoisseurs of high-quality home electrics. An extensive line of functional mechanisms has found application not only in the residential segment, but is also actively used in commercial facilities, providing comfortable control of electricity and other useful options. For example, the cost of electricity for a country house or hotel is a significant expense item. The LK60 card circuit breaker will help you reduce costs while effectively managing your electrical grids.

The card switch allows you to control electrical networks that do not require a constant power supply. In fact, the card switch is the main switch that is installed when entering the premises. The key card, placed in the slot of the passive type card collector, closes the circuit, ensuring the operation of the necessary household electrical appliances and equipment.

It is especially convenient to use a card switch in a country house: you do not have to go around rooms on different floors of the house, checking if the lights are off, and whether the TV or other household electrical appliances are left running. If, when leaving the room, you take the key card from the card reader, the power grid supplying these electrical appliances will be open and de-energized. Thus, a card switch will help control electricity consumption and reduce electricity bills. The full set of mechanisms and electrical characteristics of the card switch can be found on the thematic page of the site


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