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Vintage series in the project of the program "Dachny Otvet"

A spacious living room in a country house is the dream of the heroes of the program. For the project, the designers chose an interior designed in light colors, and used eco-materials as the main accent. The result is a functional space that is as comfortable as possible for relaxation and family gatherings. The sockets and switches of the popular Vintage series have become a stylish touch that organically complements the interior.

For the project, sockets and switches of classic black color were selected, complete with plastic frames made of high quality ABS plastic. Thanks to a special three-layer coating, the frames and faceplates of the movements are scratch-resistant and fade-resistant. The unusual combination of round front panels of mechanisms with square frames Quadro gave a special charm to the project.

Functional mechanisms of the Vintage series will help the heroes of the program to comfortably and safely control the lighting: one-button switches (Art. 880108) and two-rocker switches from two places (Art. 881308). Reliable sockets, rated for a current of 16A, ensured the connection of household electrical appliances.

Full characteristics of the Vintage series can be found on the thematic page of the site.


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