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LK60 in "Kvartirnyj vopros: Antivandalnaya gostinaya"

This is not the first time that well-known designers of the popular repair program "Kvartirny Vopros" have chosen the collection of the Russian brand of wiring accessories LK Studio. The main feature of the new project is vandal-proof execution of the wall covering with plaster imitating a granite wall. It would seem that it is difficult to find stylish sockets and switches for such a design, which also provide safe access and control of the electrics in the apartment. But the designers' choice was obvious - stylish and reliable LK60 series devices.

Switches, power and television outlets of the TV + FM + SAT combination ensured the electrical safety and functionality of the entire electrical section of the project. In this work, frames made of natural light glass were used in combination with white instrument panels. It is the perfect combination to add sophistication and appeal to the finished product. The chosen solution is just a small touch in the range of possibilities that guarantee the freedom of choice of color, material and function of the LK60 devices.

The LK60 series includes various types of switches and switches, power and information sockets, television, satellite and audio sockets, dimmers, floor heating controllers.

The front surfaces of the devices are made of light-resistant ABS plastic or polycarbonate. The modular design allows up to five mechanisms to be mounted in multiple frames vertically and horizontally.

The artistic potential and advanced design solutions of the LK60 series mechanisms have been appreciated not only by leading design studios, but also by many buyers interested in design and modern developments in the field of solutions for electricity management.

The LK60 series is reliable and functional mechanisms for any interior.


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