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LK80 series in the project "Living room for travelers"

The heroes of the project dreamed of a warm, cozy living room. Therefore, the design team realized their dream and turned the room into a summer veranda, which became an extension of the garden.
The functionality of a complex electrical project was provided by the LK80 series sockets, which guarantee safe operation even with voltage surges and increased total load of connected electrical appliances. The sockets are ideal for connecting all consumer electronics, lighting and modern gadgets integrated into the "Smart Home" system. The project participants appreciated not only the reliability, but also the design potential of the LK80 sockets complete with plastic frames of the FLAT series in "Black Velvet". Deep saturated color and strict, laconic forms of frames have become a contrasting accent on textured walls with author's decorative painting.

The complete set of mechanisms and electrical characteristics of the LK80 series can be found on the thematic page of the site.


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