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LK80 In plane style: tempered glass frames

LK80 tempered glass frames - the embodiment of practicality in a fashionable design.

The frames are made in classic white, taupe and warm cream colors. The strict flat forms of the frames harmoniously fit into all kinds of interior solutions from classic to modern Hi-Tech style. The frames of the LK80 series are combined with the strict straight lines of the faceplates of the LK80 movements, and are also fully compatible with the movements of the popular LK60 series. Universal frames from 1 to 5 posts combined with mechanisms create space for creative ideas.

  • Tempered glass guarantees resistance to mechanical stress.
  • High-precision processing of the frame edges emphasizes the sophistication of forms.
  • The transparent matte creates a 3D volume effect.
Code 844113-1 844117-1 844119-1
Colour white cream gray brown


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