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Professionals recommend LK60

What switches and sockets are better to choose and what should be taken into account in order not to regret the money spent? This question is asked by professional electricians and just buyers. We have compiled the key criteria and characteristics of electrical installation mechanisms that make electrical control safe, comfortable and functional. All LK60 mechanisms fully comply with the listed requirements, but let's start our acquaintance with the hits - the LK60 socket series.


The LK60 series presents a full range of socket mechanisms: single (without frame) / double - plug-in two-pole, with and without earthing contacts, with and without shutters. The functional mechanisms of the LK60 are thought out to the smallest detail, high-quality assembly and a multi-stage control system guarantee quality and safety in accordance with European safety standards.

Electrical parameters

Maximum voltage: 250V / 50Hz. Rated current: 16 A.

Increased electrical safety and fire safety of mechanisms

  • The contact block is made of a special phosphor bronze alloy, which has excellent electrical conductivity and does not cause heating of the mechanism. Maintains an excellent degree of contact with the conductor even under conditions of increased circuit loads.
  • A protective strip on the contact group eliminates the possibility of a short circuit, provides protection against sparking, and additionally strengthens the fixation of the plug in the socket.
  • Protective curtains made of polyamide provide additional security against dust and foreign objects.
  • In sockets with grounding, the side grounding contacts are made of bimetal, resistant to corrosion and oxidation.

Convenient connection

  • Universal screws allow all mounting and installation work to be carried out with one screwdriver. Ergonomic screw-type socket terminals are located on one side. The contact block allows you to connect wires with a cross section of up to 2.5 mm². Reliable fixation of the wire in the contact sleeve is ensured by the special shape of the contact nut.
  • The high-strength body of the movement is made of heat-resistant, flame-retardant plastic.

Installation, fast and reliable

  • Reinforced steel support 1 mm thick with reinforcing ribs does not deform during installation. High quality zinc coating provides corrosion protection.
  • Universal installation. The mechanisms are installed in any type of junction boxes, and additional mounting holes allow you to mount the mechanisms directly to the wall. The mounting lugs are fixed to the body of the mechanism and do not interfere with the installation.

The complete set of mechanisms and electrical characteristics of the LK60 series can be found on the thematic page of the site.


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