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Retro sockets LK Vintage in "Dachniy otvet: Bedroom and living room with "Woman with a Saw"

For the new project, the designers chose the Vintage series movements, which perfectly complemented the restrained interior in the Norwegian style. Smooth rounded lines of frames made in retro style form a harmonious duet with functional Vintage movements.

Thanks to the design of the devices, various shapes and colors of frames made of high quality ABS plastic, the Vintage series fits perfectly not only in classic interiors, but also in modern design spaces. The series includes rotary and lever retro-switches, devices with a key mechanism, power and information, television, satellite sockets and dimmers. The Vintage series is a popular embodiment of style and design solutions in retro style.

The design potential and cutting edge engineering of the Vintage series has been appreciated not only by designers, but also by buyers interested in design and modern developments in electricity management. It remains to add a small but important touch to the characteristics of the Vintage series - this is a comfortable price for mass consumption. The full composition of the popular Vintage series can be found on the series website.


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