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LK60 series in 539 issue of the program "Housing question" CHILDREN'S STYLE JANE AUSTIN

For the project of the children's room, the designers chose wiring devices and decorative frames from the popular LK60 series. In the project, switches and sockets with plastic frames in a classic white color were used. An extensive line of LK60 series devices allows you to comfortably and safely control electricity in an apartment, country house or office. In the project of the room, in addition to the play area, a working area is also provided, where special solutions for computer and telephone sockets were used. As a result, the designers have created an unusual and multifunctional interior, in which the LK60 series wiring accessories have become an elegant finishing touch.

The quality of workmanship, reliable design solutions of mechanisms and an affordable price of the LK60 series were appreciated not only by program participants, but also by many specialists and ordinary buyers interested in modern and reliable electrics. The full composition of the LK60 series can be found in the thematic section of the site.


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