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Infared motion sensor with sound detector LK60

LK STUDIO mechanisms are a wide range of solutions with specialized functionality, designed for any type of installation in homes, offices, cottages, commercial premises. Versatility, safety and functionality - this is not a complete list of the characteristics of LK STUDIO wiring products. A motion sensor with a sound sensor LK60 will help to organize light control and even significantly save on electricity bills.

The sensors are designed to automatically turn on and off the load in a given time interval, depending on the presence of moving objects within the detection radius of the sensor (up to 10-12m) and the level of illumination. The LK60 motion detector works on the principle of passive infrared detectors. It reacts to the movement of heat sources, as well as to the appearance of sound. In manual mode, the motion sensor works like a traditional switch. In automatic mode, when detected in the coverage area, the sensor closes the circuit and the light turns on. The mechanism has a built-in twilight sensor that allows you to adjust the level of natural light, at which the light will be turned on only when it is needed. The motion sensor will provide invaluable assistance in controlling the lighting on stairs, in corridors, in rooms where a short stay is planned. The sensor has an adjustable turn-off delay range: from 7 sec. up to 10 min.

The LK60 sound sensor motion sensor is a simple solution that will increase comfort, save energy and keep your home safe.

Full characteristics of the LK60 motion sensor can be found on the thematic page of the site



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