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New in the LK 60 series - for comfort and functionality

The popularity of mobile devices and other digital devices is associated with the need for frequent and prompt recharging. Most modern devices are equipped with a USB cable, and special adapters are used to charge from the mains, which often need to be purchased additionally. A power outlet with two built-in USB ports will help you avoid additional costs while maintaining the functionality of the devices. This is a modern universal assistant designed for convenient charging of smartphones, digital devices, as well as powering household electrical appliances. You can create a universal workplace by combining USB sockets with other wiring products of the LK Studio trademark designed for comfortable control of electricity.

USB sockets are available in four trendy colors: white, beige, metallic silver and black velvet. The LK60 and LK80 series of frames will help to elegantly design a functional workplace. Sockets with built-in USB ports have many advantages:

  • Functionality - charging any device without using a power supply.
  • Versatile opportunities - simultaneous use of various types of household electrical appliances and devices.
  • Savings - one cable to charge different devices.

In addition to their stylish appearance, sockets with USB ports have excellent electrical characteristics, which can be found on the thematic page of the site.



Именно то, что нужно. LK 60 теперь прям имеет полный ассортимент из всего самого необходимого в нашем современном мире.

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